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Booking live lessons
How do I book a live lesson?
How do I book a live lesson?
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You will need to have an account and be logged in to book a live lesson.

Browse or search our live lessons to find ones suitable for your class.

Live Lesson pages

Each live lesson page has further information and a booking button. Depending on the type of live lesson and your account, you may see different buttons.

Plus account

Users with a Plus account have free access to free live lessons, and the option to take action to receive free access to plus live lessons. There are one-off charges for premium live lessons.

Premium account

Users with a Premium account will have free access to all live lessons (free, plus, and premium), with the exception of any one-off specials.

Booking page

When you click on the booking button for an individual broadcast, you will be taken to a live booking page. There are four fields to complete. This helps us gain a better understanding of the audience for each broadcast.

  1. Select your country from the drop-down list.

  2. Add your school name, so we know to give a shout-out to, or to attribute pre-submitted questions.

  3. Type in the number of students who will be taking part. It's always great to share how many young people we are reaching.

  4. Add the age range for your class to give the presenters a better feel for the age of the audience.

The live lesson will appear in your bookings tab, and you will also receive a confirmation email.

After booking

Once you have booked a live lesson, you can add a shoutout, ask questions, and prepare your class.

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