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Preparing for live lessons
What learning preparations can I do?
What learning preparations can I do?
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Once you have booked a live lesson, you can begin your learning preparations. As each live lesson is different, so are the preparations. Read the lesson description, preparation and session outline sections on the live lesson page to understand how to get the most out of the broadcast.

Pre-submitting questions

It is a good idea to explain to students that they will be joining a live lesson, and that they have the opportunity to have their questions answered live. Some students may have questions in advance and these can be submitted via the lesson page. Questions can, of course, be asked during the live lesson as well.

Learning resources

Each live lesson will have some form of learning resource that can be used to enhance the learning experience for students.

Student sheets are often provided. Some may be used as lesson preparation, and others are used during the lesson. It is recommended to distribute these to students before the live lesson starts.

Multimedia photo galleries and videos are often provided used to introduce students to topics using visual aids.

Many live lessons that feature a student activity, will link to the relevant STEAM activity page on the Encounter Edu website. Whether you want to run the activity during the live lesson alongside the speaker, or after the broadcast, these pages explain how the activity is run and which materials you need to gather.

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