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How can I submit a shout out?
How can I submit a shout out?
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A shout-out is a short message you can send to make the live lesson that bit more special for your class. In quieter lessons, these will be read out by the speaker. In busy live lessons where there are many shout-outs, the presenter may choose to read just a few, with the rest scrolling on screen.

Good examples include:

A big hello to Class 4D at Market Street Primary

Well done to Squirrels Class for their hard work on their Arctic Project

A big happy birthday to Michael who is 9 years old today!

Please do not use students full names. Shout outs that are inappropriate, or that violate student privacy will not be used.

To submit a shout out, simply click on 'EDIT SHOUTOUT' to add your message. Please add your shout out at least 24 hours before the time of the live lesson to ensure its inclusion.

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