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How do I know if a live lesson is suitable for my class?
How do I know if a live lesson is suitable for my class?
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Each live lesson is tailored to a specific age group and subject area. Live lessons aimed at younger audiences tend to be more cross-curricular, while broadcasts for older students are often aimed at just one subject.

Each live lesson is designed to enhance and support the curriculum, through giving access to expert speakers or amazing experiences. There is a lot of information on each live lesson page, including learning objectives, and a step-by-step overview of the lesson.

Sensitive content

Some live lessons may contain sensitive content, such as a live animal birth or touch on issues that are sensitive. These lessons will contain guidance at the top of the lesson page giving a warning.

If in doubt, it is advised that you watch the live lesson on catch-up and then decide whether it is suitable for your class.

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