Broadcast live lessons require classrooms to have a basic tech setup. This should be fairly standard and includes:

  • Computer (laptop or desktop)

  • Good internet connection for streaming the video lesson

  • Projector or large screen, so that the whole class can view the lesson

  • External speakers, so that the whole class can hear the lesson

You will also need to ensure that you can access the following services on your school network:

YouTube Live settings

Check that you can view one of the live streams on YouTube's Live Home (Sky News Live is a good option). If you get an error message, check the troubleshooting guide).

Slido settings

Check that you can view the Slido interaction app, using their service. You can also find further information in the Slido troubleshooting guide.

Kaltura settings

If you require access to Kaltura, an enterprise video-streaming service, you will need to check that you unblock access to https://* If you cannot unblock all subdomains for Kaltura, refer to this further information.

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