To showcase learning partners’ live learning offer on Encounter Edu, we require information and files in a set format. The learning partner acts as the page to collate all the live lessons, virtual workshops, or live events offered. For a bit of inspiration and to see how other learning partners appear on the Encounter Edu website, have a look at some examples.

Please complete the web content template and share it with the Encounter Edu team either by file sharing service or email, including all necessary images and logos.

You will need to download and make a copy of the templates, as the original files are view-only. Encounter Edu will provide you with a preview of your learning partner page before it goes live.

Overview content

Header image

Landscape jpeg image (min. 1200px by 675px at 72ppi). This can be the current image you use to advertise your workshop or something that showcases the subject matter.

Your logos

Please provide these as png files. These have a transparent background and mean that we can place your logo on both a light and dark or shaded background. These need to be provided at the highest resolution possible and it is best to provide a white logo and a full-colour logo.


Learning partner names will be used on both the page, as a filter to live learning opportunities, and on navigation links. It is useful therefore to have the name of your organisation in its full and shortened form (if used) and whether a definite article is used when referring to your organisation in syntax. For example:

  • Amazing Learning Institute Centre for Excellence; ALICE (normally used); in syntax, the ALICE or the Amazing Learning Institute Centre for Excellence

  • Acme Energy; no abbreviation used; use without article in syntax

Our learning partner page titles use the format: Live learning from [organisation name].


A sentence or two describing your organisation, potentially with an education focus. Then it is great to add a sentence or two about your organisation’s live learning offer.

External links

You can add up to four external links to your learning partner page. These can link to your organisation’s main website, education pages, information for booking school visits in person, etc. For each link, please provide the link URL and text to display.

Links can be formatted using one of Encounter Edu’s colour palette included below. Just list the colour you would like, or we will use the default Encounter Edu colour, EE Teal.

Live learning content

Any live lessons, virtual workshops, or live events will automatically be added beneath the introductory section, in the order:

  • Upcoming broadcast live lessons

  • Virtual workshops on request

  • Live events

  • Broadcast live lessons on catch-up

Encounter Edu colour palettes

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