To showcase learning partners' live events on Encounter Edu, we require information and files in a set format. For a bit of inspiration and to see how live events appear on the Encounter Edu website, have a look at some examples.

Use the guidance below to complete the document template and send them to Encounter Edu by email or file-sharing service with any associated files.

You will need to download and make a copy of the templates, as the original files are view-only. Encounter Edu will provide you with a preview of your live event page before it goes live.

Overview content


This is the main image for the Live Event. It will scale and crop depending on the type of device and screen size it is viewed on. Having a selection of images helps and the minimum specs for these are: landscape jpeg image at least 1920px by 1080px and resolution of 72ppi. Suggested images: event environment, focus topics, related epic imagery, etc.

Your logos

Please provide these as png files. These have a transparent background and mean that we can place your logo on both a light and dark or shaded background. These need to be provided at the highest resolution possible and it is best to provide a white logo and a full-colour logo.

Date range

These are the overall dates that the live event will run. Normally this is from the date of the first available live lesson in the event to the last.


Name of the live event. This can contain the title sponsor, event name, and year.


A description of the event, including basic information about what it is and how it will benefit teaching and learning. This should be maximum of 120 words and can be arranged over two to three short paragraphs. A link to an external website or page can be added here.

Learning partners

Please list the learning partner(s) for this virtual workshop. This is your organisation and any other organization directly involved in the delivery of the virtual workshop. Logo(s) and a sentence or two description is required for each learning partner.

Supplementary content

Highlight photos
A gallery of up to eight photos can be added to the live event page to give teachers a sense of past similar live lessons or of the topics being covered. These should be supplied as jpeg files at a minimum resolution of 1920px on the longest edge at 72ppi. Both landscape and portrait images can be accommodated.

Speakers and host

For each speaker or host, please supply:

  • Portrait photo (head & shoulders) in jpeg at 72ppi with minimum dimensions 600px wide and 860px high

  • Name, job title, and organisation (e.g. Mike Fish, Educator, Museum of Life)

Supporting organisations

The logos of supporting organisations can be added to the Live Event page. All logos should be supplied as hi-res, full colour (RGB) png files with transparent backgrounds, minimum 200px by 200px at 72ppi, with a maximum of eight supporting organisations per event. These sections can be bespoke, but the two section titles below have served previous Live Events well.

  • Brought to you by: (all organisations instrumental in making the live event happen)

  • With the support of: (organisations that have also supported this work or wider work)

Teach the goals

If you support awareness and action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through your education work, please list the relevant SDGs.

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